School holidays are fun times. You can share quality time with your child. But it can also be a difficult time. Keeping kids ( PRE-SCHOOLER) engaged and occupied throughout the day is no easy task.

To help you with this job, we have selected 7 activities you can plan that will not only help your child stay engaged, but also help them learn. These activities will also take care of your child’s developmental needs!

#1. An activity to improve fine motor skills

This simple game requires very little preparation:

What you need: Some colorful pom poms, some clothes pegs, a bowl and a glass.

What to do: Place the pom-poms in a bowl. Keep the glass aside. Now tell your child to grab a clothespin, push it open, take one pom pom at a time from the bowl and put it in the jar.

The development of fine motor skills is one of the basic ( PRE-SCHOOLER)  requirements of your child under the age of 3. Along with fine motor skills, it will also strengthen your child’s hand. The more colorful the pom poms, the more fun!

#2. A simple math activity

A fun one-ingredient activity to enjoy with your child.

What you need: A variety of flowers.

What to do: Start by telling your child what petals are.  This game is more fun if you find flowers with many petals like daisies. To make it more interesting, you can also include identifying the colors of the petals in the activity as you count.

This activity improves your child’s counting ability as well as his ability to recognize colors. Be there to help your child count, but don’t count for him.

#3. I Spy Sensory Bag

This is a sight word activity (words that children can remember so that they can associate them with their meaning whenever they see the words).

What you need: A zip lock bag full of rice grains and a few scraps of paper.

What to do: First, make a list of sight words and write ( ( PRE-SCHOOLER) them on small lines. Place these pieces in a zip lock bag and fill it with rice grains. Shake well and give it to your child along with the paper where you listed all the sight words. Her job will be to search the bag and take out the pieces and match them to the list.

This activity will help your child learn words and vocabulary. It’s also a fun activity!

#4. Fun with bubble wrap

Who doesn’t love bubble wrap, right? This activity allows you to use bubble wrap in a fun way to refresh your child’s alphabet and number skills.

What you need: Uncracked bubble wrap.

What to do: Take bubble wrap and write random words and numbers on each bubble. Do not repeat the alphabet or number. You can use colored ink to make things more interesting. Now sit with your child and say the alphabet or number. Your child’s task will be to find the bubble with that alphabet or number and pop it.

#5. Fun with a DIY sensory box

Sensory Boxes are great learning tools and are loved by children all over the world. They improve children’s gross motor skills, vocabulary, memory and other areas. This DIY sensory box will improve your child’s sensory skills.

What you need: A medium-sized cardboard box, scissors or a knife.

What to do: Use scissors to cut two large round holes (the size of the bottom of a glass) so your child can put their hands through them to ( ( PRE-SCHOOLER)) look for items inside the box. Now put different types of whole fruits – banana, apple, grapes, orange, guava etc in the box and close the box. When you mention the name of the fruit during the activity, your child’s task will be to stick their hands into the box through these holes and find the correct fruit by touching it. This will help your child recognize fruit by feel rather than sight.

These activities combine learning and fun and are very easy to organize. We hope you have as much fun organizing them as your child does.





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