Do you have a child with lots of energy? Did you know that you can put this energy to good use for your child’s development by engaging them in some gross motor activities? And yes, plug it in too! Gross motor skill are extremely important for children’s development. It helps develop their large and small muscles and also helps them gain confidence in their body and posture.

By cleverly planning activities for your children, you can help develop their gross motor skill and burn off a lot of energy as well.

#1. Jump through the alphabet maze

Mazes are so much fun. All you need is chalk and a sidewalk or driveway and you can keep your child entertained for a long time. Draw a grid pattern on the road and write the alphabets on them. Then just say the word and ask the child to spell it by jumping from one box to another. This is a fun game that you can join in and burn some calories too. Be innovative and make your own rules.

#2. Pretend you are a baby animal

Animals are cute and so is your child. In this activity you can write the names of many animals and put them in a bowl.  It’s a fun movement game that will expand your child’s knowledge about animals. And also burn a lot of energy!

#3. Hunting in nature

This super fun game will help your child stay close to nature and also learn new things about nature. Take your child out for the day and give them little tasks – like “Bring me an orange blossom” or “Find a Y-shaped twig”. You can also participate to make it more exciting. We promise lots of fun!

#4. Box for physical activity

This game is very popular among parents all over the world. Take a cardboard box (preferably square) and wrap it with paper. Now write six different activities on six pages – like flapping your wings like a dolphin or jumping like a rabbit. Now ask your child to roll the dice and then play according to the activity written on it. In case you can’t find a square frame, get a rectangular one and write the number for the activity. Ask your child to roll the die (instead of the box) and match it to the activity on the box. We recommend being creative with your activities.

#5. Walk the line

Draw a zigzag line on the driveway with chalk and tell your child to walk along it without going outside.  You can create different levels and keep treats at the end of each level to spice things up!

#6. Fly a kite

Spend the day outside flying a kite with your child. Flying a kite requires concentration and improves fine motor skills. And who doesn’t love flying kites, right? Build on the excitement from before by going kit shopping with your child or making a kite at home. You can find videos on YouTube to learn how to make a kite at home.

#7. Fun with balloons

Balloons are always fun! Plan innovative balloon games. You can fill the room with balloons and ask your child to burst them without using their hands. It’s harder than it sounds. You can also jump in and try to break a few yourself. Get ready to laugh.

These activities are very easy to plan and are a good idea to keep your child busy during the holidays. At Odyssey The Global Preschool, we plan different activities for our students each day to improve their fine motor skills while keeping them engaged.





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