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BBE Blogspot: Drink to our new BBE Jaguar Blog!

We’re on a charge to show the world what Belgrade- Brooten- Elrosa seminaries are each about! While we’re still active on social media, we wanted to produce this blog to give people a more in- depth look at our seminaries as a whole.

What will you see then? Since the blog is in its immaturity, you will also see numerous of the stories featured in our social media posts. We want you to be as over- to- date as possible on BBE news. Come then for news about classes, sports and the trades.
As the blog matures, we plan to give you a deeper look at the imagination, technology and gospel that goes into tutoring and literacy then. Check out curated stories from faculty, staff, and perhaps indeed scholars about what we are doing( and trying to) to make BBE an inventor in education.


We hope to give you filmland, vids, pates and important, much more!

How can you help us? If you see a post you like or suppose is important to others, SHARE IT! Each post includes buttons to snappily partake on Facebook, Twitter, etc. We want everyone to know how great our seminaries are! If you want to go to one of our social media runners or the BBE Broadcast Youtube runner, all the links are at the top of the main blog runner!
Still, but you feel to find it, If you need to find a post. No problem! The main runner includes a hunt bar so you can search for the title of the story you are trying to find. You can also search for a order like” fundraising” to find all our fundraising posts!

  • Eventually, you can favorite or bookmark runners in your web cyber surfer to make it much easier to stay over- to- date.
  • We hope you enjoy this new addition to our online community and look forward to continuing to connect you with BBE seminaries!
  • Free summer refections at ZŠ B- B-E!
  • Breakfast and lunch for children under 18

Belgrade Brooten Elrosa School together with Taher,Inc. again offering free breakfast and free lunch for academy children under 18!

No enrollment needed! Just come and join us!

Where Belgrade- Brooten- Elrosa Elementary School in Brooten; Monday to Friday between June 6 and August 19( closed Monday July 4); When breakfast is from 8 to 830 and lunch from 11 to 1130.

FREE Breakfast Menu, June 9 to June 17; served with 1 milk, unless else stated. ** SERVED Monday through Friday 8- 830 am at B- B- E Elementary School in Brooten.
Thursday June 9 mini flapjacks, canned fruit, choice of fruit or juice.

Friday, June 10 Cheerios, whole grain toast, choice of fruit or juice.
Monday, June 13 Breakfast pizza, canned fruit.

Tuesday, June 14 inelegant ham Melta, canned fruit.
Wednesday, June 15 Mini French Toast, Preserved Fruit.

Thursday, June 16 Breakfast burrito, canned fruit.
Friday, June 17 Cinnamon Pop Tart, canned fruit.

FREE lunch menu, June 9 to June 17; served with 1 milk, unless else stated. ** WE SERVE Monday to Friday from 11 am to11.30 am at B- B- E Primary School in Brooten.
Thursday, June 9 rubbish pizza, green bean stew, canned fruit.

Friday, June 10 leathery pizza, stewed carrots, canned fruit.
Monday, June 13 French toast, meatballs, green bean stew, canned fruit.

Tuesday, June 14 Sloppy Joe on a bun, ignited sap, canned fruit, broccoli boutonnieres, raw1/4 mug.
Wednesday, June 15 Cheeseburger on a bun, French feasts, canned fruit.

Thursday, June 16 Meatballs and gravy, whole wheat chuck
, mashed potatoes, canned fruit.
Friday June 17 ham and rubbish box, tinned fruit.

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