Best company to recycle scrap electric utility meters

Best company to recycle scrap electric utility meters

Electric utility meters ; We have perfected the simplest packaging methods possible to keep shipping and handling costs to a minimum. In addition, our storage containers, warehouses and cross docks allow us to offer you the most convenient and cost-effective possible storage of your used gauges. Each of our locations thus meets your company’s storage needs, while our comprehensive pricing guarantees no hidden costs. We are here to work with you to ensure your meters are transported, stored and recycled as efficiently as possible.


Our experience, both foreign and domestic, has prepared us to take on a recycling project of any size and location. Whether it’s millions of meters to be transported across the country or a local project, Bay Metal will work with you to design the best plan for organizing and transporting your recyclables. From Ohio to Tennessee, from Chicago to San Palo, Brazil, each of our facilities is strategically located, allowing us to map out a plan perfectly tailored to your company.

Creating a custom plan

At Bay Metal, creating a custom plan that meets your needs means working closely with you. We are committed to ensuring that every step of the process has you in mind. That’s why we use state-of-the-art scanning to monitor every single meter. A weekly customer report will keep you updated on the progress of your project, down to the details of each of your recyclables.


Our commitment to being a leader in environmental safety and awareness means we practice 100% recycling. We will never sell your meters for reuse. Instead, every meter that goes through Bay Metal’s recycling process is broken down into the commodities it contains. Every piece of glass, plastic, metal, circuit board, battery and even all cardboard boxes go through our environmentally responsible recycling to get the most financial return from every piece of waste.


Recycling old end-of-life meters is often overlooked when upgrading to smart meter networks. Bay Metal provides its clients with a safe, turnkey, environmentally responsible recycling solution. A certificate of destruction and recycling is issued for each load received.

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Different type of meter

We evaluate each different type of meter we recycle to determine what commodities are contained in that particular meter and how best to recycle them to maximize value. All materials contained in a gas, electricity or water meter can be 100% recycled.


As a world leader in meter recycling, Bay Metal has recycled millions of gas, electricity and water meters over the past 20 years. Each of our 8 facilities in the US and in San Palo, Brazil utilizes the latest technology to enable the simplest, greenest and most cost-effective turnkey plan for your recycling needs.


We work directly with energy companies, installation companies and main suppliers on logistics and storage to make the process as smooth as possible. We are here to advise you on everything from separating meters by material and size to shipping and packaging needs.


In addition, our recycling process itself has been recognized as an industry leader. As one of the few companies in the industry to hold ISO 9001 certification, we are fully committed to getting the most out of every recycling project while remaining environmentally friendly and cost effective.


That’s why major Fortune 500 companies like GE and Good Year Tire & Rubber, to name a few, have endorsed us as an official supplier. But no matter the size of your recycling needs, Bay Metal has the experience and expertise to design a custom recycling plan for your water, gas and electricity meters.

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