Brillia health cough control

Common symptoms.

  • An unusual relief.
  • Powered by antibody science, us
  • over the counter drugs are different
  • anything else you can find for colds, flu,
  • cough and seasonal allergies.

Reduces flu, colds, severity and duration of cough

No prescription required

No harmful side effects

Easily soluble tablets

100% money back guarantee

Status quo, say hello to Brillia Health.

When you’re sick, the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed by so many options that all seem the same. Introducing Brillia Health, a family of breakthrough OTC medicines that are changing the way we fight common diseases.

On a different level than anything you’ll find at the drugstore, our Antibody Science is free of harmful chemicals and will help you fight and recover quickly from colds, flus and coughs in the healthiest way possible.

With efficacy clinically proven to rival well-known prescription drugs, our medications are more affordable and safer for your entire family.

be ready

for flu and allergy season.

A must-have first aid kit, take at the first symptoms to protect you and your family.


We don’t hide symptoms with chemicals, we target them with science.

It’s not just the same old active ingredients that other brands use, packaged under a new name. Brillia Health is completely free of substances responsible for disturbing side effects such as drowsiness, nervousness and dry mouth. Antibody science targets the macromolecules in your system responsible for responding to disease, effectively kicking your immune system into high gear while directly targeting your disease.


Brillia Health reduces the severity and duration of your flu or cough.

In randomized, double-blind clinical trials, our products have been shown to be as effective as, and sometimes better than, prescription flu medications and cough syrups. All without a doctor’s visit, prescription or risk of side effects. And Brillia Health boosts your body’s natural immune response so you can get back to feeling like yourself with little downtime for a healthier, better recovery.

Your best defence against colds, flu, coughs and seasonal allergies.



  • Evidence-based science-based wellness.


Studies prove that our products deliver what we promise on the box. The science behind Brillia Health is well established. Our drugs are number one in the US market, but their success has been documented in Europe for almost a decade, with excellent safety and efficacy that has been proven time and time again. You shouldn’t have to choose between a drug that is safe and a drug that works. Brillia Health is both, so you can feel good and feel better.



  • Controls the histamine response and consequently reduces fluid accumulation and symptoms such as congestion, inflammation, stuffy nose/runny nose, thereby reducing the risk of secondary infections
  • Blocks bradykinin, effectively reducing the frequency and severity of cough
  • Binds to pain receptors to reduce pain signals to the brain, reducing itchiness/sore throat


  • Increases the body’s natural immune response
  • Reduces sinus pressure, inflammation and congestion
  • Fights flu, upper respiratory tract infections
  • Similar antiviral effects to prescription flu treatment
  • Minimizes fluid retention, congestion and risk of secondary infections
  • Relieves itching, sore throat and nasal congestion
  • Soothes headache, body, joint pain and fatigue
  • No contraindications or harmful side effects





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