centre city bible study

centre city bible study

The City Fellowship Center is a beautiful center for Bible studies and prayer meetings in the city

In 1990, the City Fellowship Center was established in Green Park as a place for in-depth Bible study and worship. After five years, it became a beautiful church. Today it is renowned for its workshops, Bible studies, prayer meetings, development programs and most importantly, the inherent positivity and serenity of the place.

What they believe

The Christian spiritual values ​​of divine justice, a savior, and the necessity of water baptism by immersion in the name of the eternal Godhead are evident in this church, and their mission includes building a community that shares a commitment to God as well as care and concern. for fellow human beings. Their values ​​of worship, prayer, leadership, unity, service and giving gave this place an air of positive energy. The services are conducted in both English and Hindi and are not restrictive – anyone can attend; and getting a membership is also not a difficult process.

How they work

City Fellowship Center is no ordinary church. Members are constantly involved in a number of workshops, events, programs and services that help them achieve the values ​​of Christianity and be in touch with divine light. He believes in dynamic worship, in-depth Bible study and fervent prayer. They also have very well functioning care cells where members meet once a week in small groups to learn, discuss and promote accountability. They maintain leadership development programs, a youth program called Yuva Arise, and also a Children’s Choir. There are also occasional retreats, seminars and camps.




The center has eight functioning ministries – A Couple’s Ministry, Christian Education Ministry, Yuva Arise, Children’s Church, Care Cells, a ministry that looks after social projects and others for teenagers. All these specialized subunits of the Corps ensure that every project that the Corps undertakes is given due attention and is useful to the members.


Place and timing


The center is located in Green Park, the nearest metro station is Green Park on the yellow line. It is about a kilometer from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) and the timings are 8:00 AM for the Hindi service and 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM for the English service. Amidst the noise, hustle and bustle of South Delhi, a place as peaceful as this is hard to imagine and brings maximum joy and contentment to the heart.


It is a beautiful place to visit and be a part of – a happy space, a space where every person feels wanted and important, this church is a must visit!


How many close friends do you have? Why would you describe them as friends?


Aristotle said that most friendships are based on need, pleasure and transience. do you agree Why? Is friendship based on need and pleasure wrong?

Aristotle placed great emphasis on friendship with oneself. One could not be a friend without being a friend to oneself. What does a healthy friendship with yourself look like? What does selfish friendship look like?

Do you think Jesus’ definition of love in action in verse 13 is realistic?

What are some components of friendship that Jesus mentions in John 15:12–17?

How sure is it that we are chosen (and we did not choose Jesus according to 15:16.

What does it mean to be a friend of God? How is that different from being a fan of God?

What role does hospitality play in establishing and maintaining friendships?

The quality of a friendship is the sum of small commitments made and maintained over time by both parties. Discuss.

What do you need to do more or less about friendships in your life?


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