CFM Technologies is a leading metal fabricator in Malaysia specializing in 4 core services: Precision Fabrication, Sheet Metal & Fabrication, Parts & Machine Assembly and OEM Manufacturing Solutions. With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we have extensive CNC machining capabilities serving various industries across Malaysia. As an established industry leader, we are trusted for our extensive experience, service track record and manufacturing expertise.


At CFM Technologies, we provide an extensive catalog of integrated precision engineering and metal fabrication solutions in Malaysia. To ensure that we continue to deliver the world-class standards that our customers demand. we maintain a team of highly experienced and competent professionals. who pay close attention to detail and are well equipped to provide the ultimate quality assurance.

Company background

Founded in 1991, we are a full-service engineering and manufacturing solutions provider that specializes in providing superior engineering products and services to our clientele. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and implementing the most efficient manufacturing processes, CFM Technologies has been transforming raw materials into quality products since 1976 as a subsidiary of Chong Fong Engineering in Singapore.

Since our establishment in our initial base in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with our office in Shah Alam, we have increased production and expanded our product line to meet our ever-growing list of clients and deliver the same excellent solutions that we have built our reputation on. on. In 2012, we moved our facility to Senai, Johor, Malaysia in an effort to take advantage of the strategic proximity to the port and provide faster delivery fulfillment to meet the demands of our international clientele.

As an established industry leader, we are trusted for our extensive experience, service record and manufacturing expertise and currently serve the marine, oil and gas, automation and industrial machinery, semiconductor and aerospace industries. We have also expanded our capabilities to include food and beverage production.

Our vision

To be a leader in the manufacturing and engineering of high value equipment and high mix products. Known for global quality standards, technical expertise and strategic regional capabilities.

Our mission

We provide the best value from start to finish to our customers and partners, delivering high quality products, excellent service standards and dedicated value added support.

Frequently Asked Questions about CFM Technologies

Where is CFM Technologies located?

CFM Technologies is headquartered at PO Box 1159, Moultonboro, New Hampshire, 03254, United States of America

What is CFM Technologies’ revenue?

CFM Technologies’ revenue is <$5 million

What is the NAICS code for CFM Technologies?

CFM Technologies NAICS: 44,441

What is the official website of CFM Technologies?

The official website of CFM Technologies is

What is CFM Technologies’ technology stack?

Technologies used by CFM Technologies are: ASP.NET, Facebook Workplace, Network Solutions SSL certificates, AddThis

What is CFM Technologies?

CFM Technologies operates in the industry: Car Dealers, Retail, Auto Parts

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