Cincy fit foodie recipes

Cincy fit foodie recipes

Cincy fit foodie recipes : How will we eat in 2021? Wep, almost 3 months into the year…it’s safe to say some predictions have already been locked and set in motion. Will the banana bread craze return or are we in for another round of new surprises up the sleeves of many food companies and grocers?

Here are the food trends predicted to hit shelves, nutrition news that may be here to stay, and MY tips for what to keep on hand and within reach for optimal health and beating the winter blues in all circumstances, pandemic or not :


Dehydrated vegetables:


There’s nothing “super” new on the scene here, but more variety and higher volumes are being pumped onto shelves far and wide. Don’t you just love roasted broccoli spears?

Don’t worry, get an almost identical punch pack from Rhythm Superfoods or Karen’s Naturals – this is truly a veggie chip that should be on your shelves, in your pantry and in our kids’ lunchboxes for the long haul.


“Craft” cooking and home cooking classes:


Have you spent 8 hours whisking coffee by hand or trying to make Instagram-worthy tiny cereal pancakes? Tik -Tok trends are hitting Instagram feeds, and some are worth the creative energy. My favorite tries include the tortilla wrap hack and the dill pickle salad dressing!!!

This means that Tik-Tok can only give you so much guidance, and the ability to take a guided cooking class from your home is becoming easier and covers many modalities and ongoing courses — If you haven’t already, we highly recommend you join the cooking fun at home for assistance of an experienced chef.

Tablespoon Cooking Co., a local OTR business and its female-run counterpart, has a variety of in-person and virtual classes to help take the guesswork out of so many different recipes, cuisines, and cooking/baking techniques.




Dill salad dressing see above. LOL. At a time when foods are fresh and interesting, sauces are spanning the aisles and your targeted Instagram ads. The difference this round? They contain probiotics, medicinal herbs and adaptogens (think: turmeric, ashwagandha, spirulina).

Anything that will flavor your food, de-stress your brain, and increase beneficial bacteria in your gut can cost a fortune, but it could be worth it in the long run because of its proactive and immune-protecting effects. Check out Thrive Market for some of the latest and greatest at a discount we can’t beat.


Breakfast is back.


While portable and healthy snacks have struggled to take the front seat in the past, breakfast, specifically breakfast cereal, is now in the hot seat. With all sorts of adjustments for dietary preferences, restrictions/intolerances and flavor profiles, there’s nothing we’d see packed into a tall skinny box to pair with a bowl of milk.

That said, I expect Cereal BARS to be bouncing around… one of my favorite spots in Denver on a past trip was an ice cream and candy store with more options than you could ever imagine. Anyone here want to get into it?


Hemp + CBD


As the plant based movement continues, expect to see more HEMP!! +CBD. Because of the connection between the microbiome and emotional health, both CBD and hemp products will continue to creep into our protein powders, coffee creamers, nut butters… and more!

CBD sales are expected to exceed $10 billion by 2024 as more and more of us look for more natural ways to deal with health issues like stress and anxiety. Local favorites include: Queen City Hemp (hello, seltzer and soothing bevvies??) and Relax Babe Gummies sold at Spruce Nails.


If that’s not enough… we will (I hope, I hope) continue to see an increase in hydroponic vegetables (80 acres, can I have some radishes or peppers???) and more and more high quality frozen foods. keep our freezers + pantries stocked for less frequent shopping.

As I often tell clients and friends, the more we can make meals more creative and convenient with a touch of health (and get producers involved), we will never again question whether ‘nutrition can taste good’!

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