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Welcome to Crespo Mental Health!

We are a gaggle of bilingual counsellors dedicated to guiding children, teens, adults, families and couples to realize better mental health.

Crespo psychological state was built on the foundation that each of us can benefit from personal growth and positive change in our lives.

We believe that by improving ourselves, we not only live fuller and more fulfilled lives, but we improve our families, our communities and therefore the world.

If you’re ready:

have fulfilling relationships, be kinder to yourself et al., find purpose and meaning in your career, improve your family, grow into the person you were meant to be

then start your journey today with Crespo Mental Health!

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What is mental health?

The dictionary defines “mental health” as follows:

“A state of emotional and psychological well-being during which an individual is able to use their cognitive and emotional abilities, function in society, and meet the traditional demands of everyday life.”

Good psychological state means being the best, healthiest, most positive version of yourself that you simply can be and getting the most out of your life. As psychological state counsellors, we are committed to helping our clients reach their full potential.

All of our counsellors have an academic degree in mental health counselling, each with their own area of ​​specialization and emphasis. take a look at the profiles of our advisors to learn more about us.

If you’ve got any questions, please contact us today. we glance forward to working with you!

Mental Health Resources

The availability and accessibility of appropriate resources and services is an important issue for Attorney Crespo. the aim of this site is to provide helpful links to local, state and national organizations and knowledge that may be helpful to families and individuals struggling with mental health issues, diagnosis and treatment. This page will still be updated with resources. within the event of a medical emergency, always call 9-1-1.

Local resources

Many residents enjoy discovering the vast network of psychological state services offered within municipalities, cities and native agencies. Below are links to departments you’ll find useful:

City resources

The Village of Hanover Park provides an inventory of local social service providers and contact information.

The Village of Hoffman Estates features a dedicated Department of Health and Human Services that provides mental health services, including individual and group counselling.

The Village of Schaumburg provides family, group and individual counselling services.

The Village of Streamwood provides an inventory of local social service providers and contact information.




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