Ek health case management

In the absence of clinical advice, a workers’ Ek health compensation claim can quickly escalate from an easy injury to a costly and complex maze of medical treatment and compensation payments.

We are particularly skilled in developing treatment plans to make sure appropriate and quality care and assist with the global claims management process. We don’t believe that every claim is substantiated by a nurse’s case. By devoting clinical resources to claims that warrant specific oversight and management, our nurses help with claims with multiple body parts, complex diagnoses, costly treatments, or injuries to specific body parts that have proven costly.

Our experienced registered nurses proactively address comorbidities, return to figure , barriers to recovery, new symptoms, off-label treatments, newly prescribed opioid claims and pharmacy overuse claims and supply evidence-based clinical advice to support comprehensive and aggressive claims management .


URAC Accredited just in case Management

Telephone case management for claims requiring ongoing management either after an injury is first reported or when medical treatment exceeds expected guidelines

  • Field case management for claims requiring personal interaction

Strategic clinical programs focused on specific interventions, including a stress on:

  • pharmacy utilization management
  • intervention within the use of the pharmacy
  • discharge planning
  • catastrophic case management
  • management of liability cases
  • early intervention

Identification of claims warranting clinical supervision from back-end data analysis

24/7 access via a secure web platform

I just wanted to require the time to formally thank you for your remarkable service! From the first meeting with you at my home to the last appointment with the doctor, you were exceptional. You were kind and compassionate and really made me desire I was getting better. You went out of your thanks to help me understand the whole process and guide my steps. I wish you nothing but the simplest to come. I hope your company truly appreciates the gem you are!

-Wounded worker

“My case manager nurse is that the best. My medical needs were taken care of for a speedy recovery. I’m blessed to have the best-case nurse!”

-Wounded worker

“It was a pleasure working with all of you last year and that I look forward to an equally successful year ahead.”

-Occupational health protection manager, international hotel

I’m new the fitting world and they treat me with kindness and respect despite my innocent questions. I ask them to speak to me like I’m 3,” but they’re never condescending. i do not have to ask for status updates because I get them before I need them; timely, easy to read, concise. And when my hair is “on fire” with an urgent request, I’m there to place out the emergency flames with same day response, often within the hour!!!

-Claims Assessor, National TPA

they’re right about everything. All of your nurses go above and beyond the decision of duty. i do know our claims manager was not happy with our assigned provider and after consulting with me he reassigned one of our files on one of your nurses. After reading the file, the nurse discovered the person had an aneurysm and his physical therapy was subsequently stopped.

-RN, health consultant, Národní pojišťovna

We are extremely pleased with the standard of nurses you employ.” and being bilingual with multiple languages ​​will definitely set you apart. once we need to use a field case nurse, EK Health is certainly our first call. Thanks for the good service!”

-RN, Nurse Manager, National TPA

– chief adjuster, national TPA

We are all happy to figure with EK Health.”

– Receivables manager, Národní pojišťovna

“Your sister did an excellent job for me on a case with a difficult doctor. Please give me my highest compliment.”

-Receivables examiner, Chief TPA

“I am very happy with everything EK Health does for me. Good communication from your nurses – they create a real impact on my cases.”

– Claims examiner, social insurance carrier

Their simple online referral system makes my job easy.”

-RN, social insurance Company

-Senior Claims Examiner, social insurance Company

“We are very pleased with all the referrals we have sent to your company. Your nurse in Modesto has been exceptional at her job and great at referring cases to the proper doctors in the area.”

– Head of nurses, social insurance Company

“The case manager assigned to our cases is amazing. i could not ask for better. Her reports are timely and comprehensive. Her communication is superb not only with me but also with the injured workers and doctors. I desire she and I work together as a team and injured workers benefit greatly.”

-Receivables examiner, regional TPA




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