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Custom online exercise and diet options


Who says you can’t look your best at fitness 40! I’ll help you achieve the goals you’re looking for in a way you’ll love and it really works!




Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


Being a lifelong type 1 diabetic and competing in fitness competitions around the world, I know exactly what it takes to regulate insulin while building muscle and losing weight in a healthy way. I can do the same for you. Online meal plans and diets for diabetes or any autoimmune disorder.



Gluten Free/ Paleo


  • Gluten Free / Paleo Plans


  • Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


Are you allergic to gluten or prefer the Paleo program, but not sure about the right way to lose weight or build muscle? I can customize the best plans for you to stay strict with your guidelines while staying slim and fit!


Fitness/Competition Preparation


  • Competition preparation


  • Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


I am a 13x IFBB Figure Pro Champion, with 7 Olympic appearances.  was also the program director for one of the biggest competitive teams in the country. have helped many amateurs become professionals and can help you too. Let me be your competition coach! I can also help with posing, stage presence, tan applications, interactions with the judges and much more! NPC IFBB trainer preferred.


A plant-based lifestyle


  • Plant-based fitness and meal plans


  • Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


switched to a mostly plant-based diet a few years ago. I have done an incredible amount of research to find the right foods to help me lose weight and build muscle. would love to show you the right way too! I’d like to suggest a plant-based or vegan diet for you today!


Family meal plans


  • Family Fit meal plans


  • Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


Do you want to eat healthier, but at the same time take care of your family? Do the kids or husband despise chicken and rice every night? My custom family meal plans will be filled with recipes to help you meet your fitness goals while keeping the family happy. With this program, you will no longer cook free meals just for you!


Muscle Training/Diet Plans


  • Muscle building plans


  • Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


Are you someone who needs some coaching and guidance to take you to the next level on your fitness journey? Are you ready to add a few pounds of muscle that will stay? My years of knowledge on how to gain muscle while maintaining your feminine beauty will be passed on to you tailored to your lifestyle and tastes. Let’s get that fit body you’ve always wanted together!


  • Lose weight / Tone


  • Lose weight / Tone


  • Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


So, you want to lose a few pounds? Maybe you want to fit into your old jeans or need to get ready for summer? This is the plan for you. During our consultation, you give me an idea of ​​what you want to achieve and I put together a rock star plan to make you look your best!


  • Weight loss after childbirth


  • Postpartum weight loss plans


  • Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


Congratulations on the new addition to your family! As a mother of two amazing daughters, I completely understand the struggle with postpartum weight loss. Work with me and you’ll look better than ever! No one will ever know you just had a baby! Get rid of baby fat today. My custom postpartum diet plan will be tailored to your daily activities, breastfeeding and mommy duties.


Healthy and fit pregnancy


  • Healthy pregnancy plans


  • Choose the plan that best fits your lifestyle!


One of the biggest misconceptions when you’re pregnant is that you’re eating for two! Well, yes, you and something very small and doesn’t require as much extra food as you think. My customized diet plans will provide you with all the great nutrients for you and baby and won’t pack on all the excess fat that happens to so many mums. You can also add my own exercise plans for moms-to-be to keep you and baby healthy throughout your pregnancy.


Need something not listed?


My knowledge does not end here. I have trained thousands of men and women all over the world. Not only was I a professional bodybuilder myself, but I also became a hundred amateur Pro competitor. I have worked with some very unique cases and would love to hear about yours. Please email me with your specific needs and I will put together a custom package to help you achieve your goals.




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