EU health policy platform

The EU Health Policy Platform is an online collaboration tool that makes it easier for European Commission services, health interest groups and stakeholders to communicate with each other.

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety moderates the web platform and coordinates the Commission’s contributions. This initiative is funded through the 4th EU Health Program 2021-2027 and the working language of the platform is English.

In addition to operating a web platform that facilitates online discussion, collaboration and frequent webinars; the EU Health Policy Platform team also organizes the EU Health Award. This award recognizes cities, NGOs and schools whose initiatives improve public health in the European Union. The EU Health Award ceremony takes place as part of the annual meeting of the EU Health Policy Platform for health stakeholders. It also gives participants an opportunity to network and gives stakeholders an opportunity to present their activities.

The European Commission would like to invite all stakeholders working in the field of health or with an interest in EU health policy to join the EU Health Policy Platform.

Check out the rules of procedure and user guide on how the platform works and understand its benefits!


Rules of Procedure of the EU Health Policy Platform:


as a user or potential user, we encourage you to read the rules of procedure of the EU Health Policy Platform to learn more about our working methods and our terms and conditions


User Manual:


this guide explains the registration procedures and features of the platform (i.e., how to post a news item!). Register on the platform and make your voice heard!


Users of the platform can post news, create polls, share upcoming events, save documents and much more in one or more networks of the platform! After registration, you will have access to the following types of networks:


Agora Network, a common discussion area automatically accessible to all users who adhere to the platform’s rules of procedure. All members are encouraged to post news related to their activities on this network.


Exchange Networks are accessible to all users registered on the platform and are used to exchange best practices and share training materials.


Thematic networks are temporary and set up for one year only. They are led by an organization of stakeholders selected through a call for proposals and a democratic survey on the Agora network. The leader will prepare a joint position paper (joint statement) on the health-related priority. The platform team organizes several open live webinars to discuss ideas before a joint statement is drafted and later presented by the organization at the annual meeting of the EU Health Policy Platform. All users registered in the Agora network are encouraged to actively participate in the topic networks by participating in webinars, proposing their own joint statement or requesting approval of their joint statement.


The networks of the European Commission and Member States are networks (usually) accessible only to appointed members.


Stakeholder networks are limited networks for sharing knowledge and information about a specific area of ​​health. They are created based on a direct request from interested members of the Agora network and are approved by the European Commission. Users registered in the Agora network who are interested in a particular stakeholder network can request access.


As a user, you will receive a bi-weekly “Latest Updates” newsletter with all the latest information shared on the Agora network (as well as a restricted section visible only to members of your networks).


The European Commission, Member States and stakeholders regularly organize webinars on key EU health initiatives. Information about upcoming webinars is posted on the Agora Network (check the announcements section!). Registered users can also suggest webinar topics.





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