Greek speaking home health aide


Greek speaking: If your loved one lives alone and your visits are limited, social interaction becomes very important to their happiness and helps prevent feelings of isolation and depression. Whether they need a little entertainment or just help with housekeeping and running errands, we’ve got you covered with home care activities such as:

Caring companionship and conversation Help with hobbies (scrapbooking, games, gardening, sports, news) General shopping and errands Escort to appointments Personal care: helping loved ones with more intimate non-medical care needs. Whether it’s common aging issues, hospital recovery or illness, we’re here to make everyday life easier and more manageable. Our experienced home care assistants are specially trained to handle these tasks, and our supervisors will be closely involved in conducting regular assessments to assess your loved one’s care.

Personal hygiene Medication reminders Diet monitoring and meal planning Walking assistance

To learn more about our services or to speak with a home care services supervisor about your loved one’s unique needs, contact us today at (773) 631-5222 or by filling out the form below:

Have you or a loved one emigrated from Greece to Australia? Looking for quality home care services that won’t break the bank? Then there is home care to help you. We provide services to the elderly or disabled and have a team of first-class professional and experienced caregivers. With NDIS accreditation and years of experience in our industry, we know what it takes to deliver exceptional service.

With a team of multilingual support staff, we are able to break the barrier between misunderstandings. Our team of Greek speaking cultural care support staff understand their culture and are exceptional at what they do. We will ensure that each of our Greek clients is looked after and given the support they need, you will no longer feel like your voice is not being heard.

By taking the time to get to know you and offer tailored services, we support your health – whether you suffer from a physical or mental condition. Although we will help you by providing you with the care you need, we want each of our clients to maintain their independence.

Home care services

Do you need a Greek speaking helper? Look no further than Home Care. When you offer home care for people with disabilities and dementia care, you get the support you need – whether it’s permanent or temporary. One of the reasons so many people choose to seek the help of a home care support worker is that they can remain in the safety and comfort of their own home while receiving help from a professional caregiver.

Unlike the expensive and sometimes impersonal nursing home option, you can live your best life knowing you have the helping hand of a home support worker who speaks your language. Whether it’s help with transport or general cleaning, our Greek speaking helpers are always available.

Dementia home care services

Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can often lead to people reverting to their native language. And because of this, it can be incredibly frustrating when a support person can’t communicate with you properly. To make this transition easier, our Greek-speaking in-house support staff are ready to help.

With our home dementia care services, we are able to help both people with dementia and their families. They provide round-the-clock care and are there to help with anything you need, from help with medication to continence care and homework. Each of our Greek speaking team, trained and fully qualified, will help ease the frustration that comes with this condition.





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