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Health and safety audit


Would you hire a junior firm to audit your accounts?


Do you want a tick audit or real added value for your business?


Do you care about your people going home safe and sound every day?


The OSH audit is not just a check-mark tool. It is a critical document that provides an analysis of how your business is doing.


Any auditor, from any field, should approach your business with professional scepticism.


What is an OHS audit?


An experienced and qualified health and safety auditor will attend to your business and assess you against a predetermined ‘standard’ or ‘system’ for health and safety management.


There are many different types of health and safety management systems that can be audited.


Some of these health and safety management systems have to be paid for. An example of a paid OSH management system is IS0 45001. This standard is internationally recognized and was recently implemented after the previous OSH management system, OHSAS 18001.


A freely available health and safety management system is HSG 65. This is available completely free of charge on the HSE website.


What we offer – Security audit


Better Safety provides audit assurance to all our clients through regular OSH audits. Do not confuse this with an OHS inspection. A health and safety inspection are usually a timed checklist type of review that can be completed in about a day or less.


The audit is:


  • A detailed overview of your company’s health and safety management systems.


  • Cooperation with senior management in the field of occupational health and safety management.


  • Understanding the critical health and safety risks to your business and how you control them.


  • Review of policies, procedures, safe systems of work, advice and training.


  • A detailed report that outlines positive areas of safety management and areas for improvement.


An active document that can be used by the company as evidence of compliance with relevant legislation in the field of health and safety.


All our health and safety audits are documented and confidential action plans/recommendations to improve the care provided to the client within a set time period (usually within 7 days).

Our Audit Competence – Security Audit Company

We have qualified IRCA lead auditors who provide an audit plan, visits and reports. We have over a decade of auditing businesses and projects with an annual turnover in excess of £20 million and with many branches operating across the EU and MENA regions.

We work with the highest standards of occupational  management systems and provide extensive  advice, guidance and support to implement our findings to achieve health and safety compliance.

At the end of the report, we are also able to offer additional services to support the implementation of the findings through our competent person service. It may be that board level representation is required following an audit, which we can also support with our strategic services for larger businesses.

Contact us for a confidential discussion today and we’ll help you focus on what you do best.




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