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Industrial functional safety training


Build the knowledge and skills to Health and safety better navigate the complex technical and regulatory challenges of today’s functional safety environment.

Invest in building your team’s excellence with functional safety training and certification services from UL Solutions, a global leader in safety.


Our UL-certified functional safety certification programs provide your team with the opportunity to learn about – or enhance your existing knowledge and skills in – functional safety to achieve professional recognition in the field.


We offer professional and expert level personnel certifications in automotive, autonomous vehicles, electronics and semiconductors, engineering, industrial automation and cyber security.


You can now register for any of the offers below. All of our instructor-led virtual courses provide a deep dive into key functional safety standards.


Functional safety training for earthmoving machinery in agricultural tractor and construction control systems according to ISO 25119, ISO 13849 and ISO 19014


This 2.5-day course will cover functional safety standards and concepts related to agricultural and construction earthmoving machinery. Applicable standards covered in this training include the EU Machinery Directive; ISO 19014:2018, Earth-moving machinery – Functional safety – Part 1: Methodology for determining the safety-related parts of the control system and performance requirements; and ISO 25119:2018, Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry — Safety-related parts of control systems. UL Solutions experts will cover topics such as Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment according to ISO 12100:2010, Safety of Machinery – General Principles for Design – Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation. Case studies on a range of topics, including motor drives and safety product life cycles, will also help provide examples of how the standards’ requirements and concepts apply.


ISO 13849, IEC 62061, IEC 61800-5-2, 25119, ISO 13849 and EU Machinery Directive


This 2.5-day course is designed for engineers working on programmable machines and control systems. 61800-5-2, Variable speed electric drive systems – Part 5-2: Safety requirements – Functional; and IEC 62061, Safety of machinery – Functional safety of safety-related electrical, electronic and programmable electronic control systems.


IEC 61508


This three-day course helps engineers, developers and managers successfully apply IEC 61508 to their safety-related electrical systems. IEC 61508 serves as the basic functional Health and safety standard for various industries, including but not limited to process, nuclear and machinery. This course includes a one-hour follow-up Q&A session (scheduled at a later date) with one of UL Solutions’ functional safety experts.




Identify new opportunities and take full advantage of your company’s core competencies. We help you accelerate product development, gain access to new markets, increase security, meet regulatory requirements and achieve other key business goals.


Audit and inspection


Take control of the evolving challenges of the global market. Our objective assessment of facilities, processes or systems helps you better manage sustainability, processes, supply chain relationships, brand reputation and regulatory requirements.




Reduce the complexity of compliance and highlight your company’s competitive advantage. From sustainability to product Build the knowledge and skills to Health and safety better navigate the complex technical and regulator Health and safety, security, staff certification and more, we help you deliver trust in all key markets.


Digital application


Access the power of data-driven decision-making and management. Our apps provide easy and secure access to essential information and simplify the most demanding tasks, helping you solve your biggest challenges.


Learning and development


Give people the tools they need to succeed. Our learning and professional development solutions include instructor-led sessions, custom workshops and content development, on-demand e-learning courses and live webinars.




Innovate with confidence; we help ensure that your products meet applicable requirements and expectations. Our global team’s expertise helps you stay ahead of the curve in materials and technology and accelerate market adoption.




Build credibility in a crowded market. We provide objective, science-based evaluations that confirm the accuracy of your environmental and marketing claims and enable you to communicate more effectively with your customers.




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