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In the three years I’ve been working in patients’ homes, I’ve learned a number of things that make my life easier. Of course, most of these things you do NOT HAVE to have, but if you spend 40 hours a week in and out of your car, they are worth investing in. This does not include any medical equipment as this will likely be provided by your company and will be specific to the job.

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  1. A good bag


I’ve written about recommended nurse bags before. For working around the house, you definitely need a robust one.


I use this bag. It has lots of space, multiple compartments and I get compliments on it all the time.


But if you have a lot of gear like wound supplies I would recommend this.


  1. Hello


These can start the battery and can be used as an outlet. For everyday use, it’s great for your laptop, phone or hotplate. I have had one for several years and it still works well.


  1. Hot plate


The hot plate can be used with a halo on top or they come with car adapters that can be used with a cigarette lighter. While you can use a gas station microwave, I prefer to use this one from Hot Logic. Food tastes better than microwaved meals and you can heat food while driving.


  1. Cooler


In my opinion, coolers work better for your food and drinks than insulated bags, especially when it’s hot. You don’t want your food to spoil and you don’t want to eat fast food every day. I use a very basic one.


  1. Backup chargers


Please keep a few extra phone chargers in your car! You may need roadside assistance or need your phone’s GPS. Have one that you can use for both the cigarette lighter and the Halo.


  1. Portable air compressor


The more you drive, the better your chance of getting an apartment. These air compressors are very easy to use and will take care of measuring the tire pressure by themselves.


  1. Phone holder


It puts your phone front and center so if you’re not checking it while driving


  1. GPS


If you don’t want to use your phone for GPS and don’t have it in your car, a separate GPS is essential.


  1. HotSpot/Jet Pack


Our company provides us with both hot spot and jet pack. If your mapping system relies on the Internet, you’ll need a way to get to the Internet. WiFi, if you are lucky enough to have access to it, is not secure and should not be used to access HIPAA protected information.


  1. Trunk organizer


The amount of stuff you’ll be carrying in your car can be really overwhelming if it’s not organized in some way. When you go with a trunk organizer, some kind of trash can is a great idea!


  1. Chucks


In the post Tips for Home Caregivers I discussed that some homes are not clean. Chucks are also just standard cleanliness for healthcare workers. You can use them to sit down, place your bag or equipment. My company provides these as well as hand sanitizers, sani wipes and necessary PPE.


  1. GetUpside


This is not a physical product, but you need this app! This is a free app that gives you cash back on gas purchases. Use my code DXWZX to get an extra 15c/gal cash back.


  1. Snacks


Snacks are a must, especially if you are prone to hypoglycemia. You want to have some non-perishable snacks that you can leave in the car in case you forget lunch or are in an area without a lot of food options. I like to keep protein bars or other bars in my car.




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