Is it illegal to put business cards on doors in 2022?

business cards

Business cards are known to provide a wide range of contact information in one place, ensuring that customers can choose their preferred method of researching or contacting your business. Like Beit, no matter how much you promote your business, you can’t make people care. People will have to choose whether they want to listen and learn more.

Business cards are the only way someone will instantly remember who you are and whether they are interested in the business or service you provide. But also keep in mind that unwanted cards will be thrown away and may also attract an angry phone call or bad words and reviews on social media.

Here are some of the best places to leave business cards.

1. Shopping centers and food courts

Malls and food courts attract almost all kinds of crowds, which can help you find secondary markets for your business. Also note that malls are always equipped with areas for people to sit, walk and hang out. People waiting or wanting to pass the time can pick up and unload your cards.
Many malls also have indoor playgrounds where lots of parents sit nearby. If you find a willing seller, try leaving cards on store counters or kiosks for anyone passing by.

2. Banks and ATMs

Banks are known to study high traffic and attract people from almost all walks of life. For this reason, consider asking the manager if you can place a small stack of cards on the lobby tables and counters.
Keep in mind that people regularly stand at counters to fill out forms, which creates a good opportunity to pick up a lay-down card to see details about the business. You can also leave a few at the ATM where they can still be seen after hours.

3. Municipal buildings

In truth, government buildings are viable places to promote yourself for free. Most often, these places are accessible and attract local experts and people who are active in the community.

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4. Past clients

This is the next best option to consider because former clients who are impressed with your business make the perfect ambassadors to hand out cards. Although it is almost impossible to control word of mouth marketing, be aware that you can increase its effectiveness. Make sure you have an overview of which clients are sending you repeat referrals.

5. Library

This is undoubtedly one of the best places to leave your business cards; only a few people know and use these places. Libraries tend to have community bulletin boards or places where neighborhood businesses post or announce their upcoming events or even promote their products and services.

6. Schools and colleges

Although this will most often depend on your customer base; however, note that educational facilities provide more venues for marketing your business. If your target market includes educators, consider using faculty rooms, offices, and whiteboards to spread the word about your services or product.

7. Waiting rooms

Keep in mind that people in waiting rooms are more or less a captive audience. Most often, these people cannot resist the temptation to pick up a magazine or brochure to pass the time. Use this downtime to your advantage and place business cards on lobby tables and in magazines.

Places to consider include;

  • Restaurant
  • Airports and hotels
  • Hair and nail salons
  • Bookstore lounges
  • Car service
  • Train and bus station
  • Employment agencies

Final though

Before you start handing out your business cards, stuffing them between small gaps in doors or leaving them on desks, it is necessary to first consider where your potential partners, employees and employers tend to spend their time more often.

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