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Care+ is behavioural care, care delivery and care enablement that connect individuals with convenient  mental health solutions that deliver optimal outcomes. Our Care+ solutions can be accessed in person, at home, at work, virtually and digitally. Our innovative models of care apply a data-driven and physician-informed approach to predicting emerging health needs, closing care gaps and reducing costs, all while delivering simpler, more connected experiences that strengthen the health of the whole person and the whole family.

Behavioural health

Our behavioural health solutions are built on more than 45 years of experience focused on quality and affordability, accessibility and compassionate support. That commitment never ends. Today, our comprehensive behavioural mental  health offerings span the spectrum of support – from network management, access and utilization to intensive coaching – to treat conditions from depression and anxiety to specialties such as substance abuse, autism and eating disorders.

Our behavioural mental health capabilities are field-proven—can be tailored to meet specific client needs and tailored to member needs.

Our clients benefit from a focus on:

  • Quick and convenient access to care
  • Care and case management of high-cost behavioural conditions
  • Sorting and navigating to care
  • Integrated mind and body care
  • Delivery of care

Care delivery is designed to connect people with the right care, at the right time and in the right environment that is most convenient for them.

Virtual care

MDLIVE’s virtual care solutions provide a device-agnostic virtual care platform that can improve early diagnosis of critical care needs, ensure faster and more seamless referrals to high-performing providers, and provide members with more convenient access to appropriate and affordable care.

Primary home care

To provide more effective primary home care for the managed population, our physician-led care management organization works closely with patients in a coordinated home, virtual and telephone environment to provide direct care whenever needed.

Workplace care

Worksite Care offers advanced primary care, wellness and custom coaching solutions delivered directly and conveniently to employees, either in person at or near the workplace, or virtually. With our connected care approach, Worksite Care helps employees navigate and maximize their benefits through referrals to high-quality providers and community resources, resulting in better health outcomes and lower health care costs.

Care leave

Our care support solutions work alone or in combination, providing connected care models and integrated platforms to deliver more accurate and effective clinical interventions.

Solutions for clinical pharmacy

Clinical pharmacy solutions that improve affordability and quality of care contribute to better medication adherence and health outcomes throughout the body and mind of patients by focusing on medication safety, utilization management, and linking behavioural therapy to medication. Built on pharmacy analytics that goes beyond predictive towards prescription, we can offer improvements in key clinical measures backed by clinical and financial guarantees.

Post-acute care and home care networks

With more than 1.5 million members under management, our post-acute care solutions shape timely transitions from a hospital setting, skilled nursing facility, long-term acute care facility or inpatient rehabilitation facility. Transitions are effectively managed by applying coordinated post-acute care tools that improve outcomes and reduce readmissions. Additionally, as a strategic approach to home health, DME and home infusion management, ever north has integrated existing regional networks and created dedicated national DME, Skilled Care, Sleep and Home Infusion Networks serving more than 11 million members nationwide. We are a leader in providing more efficient and convenient home care.

Wellness, coaching and case management solutions


These solutions will provide targeted, personalized support and intervention across the spectrum – from healthy patients to those at risk or living with chronic conditions. For patients facing acute healthcare needs, we enable a digital platform that provides a seamless, personalized member experience to drive greater savings and better health outcomes. End-to-End health management programs aim to promote better medication adherence and Mental health outcomes for individuals with the most complex and costly conditions, connecting previously disparate parts of people’s health journ




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