Loomis digestive health specialist

Howard F. Loomis Jr., D.C., F.I.A.C.A.


President, Director of the Food Enzyme Institute

Howard F. Loomis, Jr., DC, a second-generation chiropractor, graduated from Logan Chiropractic College in 1967. After graduation, he opened a practice in Missouri, which he built on the identical belief his father had in his practice, that digestion was the place to initiate healing and maintain health. At that point Dr. Loomis used traditional digestive supplements like HCl and pancreatin (animal enzymes), as did his father. He gave up in 1979 in frustration because the products failed to produce consistent results.

The interest of Dr. Loomis began his go after nutritional food enzymes in 1980 when he had the opportunity to bring the theoretical work of Edward Howell, MD, a pioneer of food enzymes, to the clinic. Dr. Loomis spent years within the clinic developing a system for correctly identifying nutritional deficiencies in the body. His system, the Loomis System®, is now recognized as a legitimate and proven method of determining nutritional stress within the body.

In 1985, he began lecturing nationally and internationally on the advantages of plant enzymes. the subsequent year, additionally to operating his practice in Missouri, he founded 21st Century Nutrition® for the only purpose of educating professionals on the clinical use of enzymes. In 1993, he sold his practice and moved his company, 21st Century Nutrition, to Madison, Wisconsin, where he founded Enzyme Formulations®, Inc., an enzyme supplement company. In 2002, 21st Century Nutrition became referred to as the Loomis Institute™ of Enzyme Nutrition and received recognition from the Wisconsin State Accreditation Board as a graduate school. The Loomis Institute has changed its name to the Food Enzyme Institute™ and continues to be accredited by the Wisconsin State Education Accreditation Board.

The institute has trained thousands of doctors and their number is still growing. Today, the Food Enzyme Institute teaches seminars on enzyme nutrition round the country and hosts the annual Enzyme Nutrition Conference.

Dr. Loomis’ extensive knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, and enzymology has made him a sought-after speaker and prolific writer. Dr. Loomis published ENZYMES: The Key to Health in 1999, also as The Enzyme Advantage: For Healthcare Providers and People Who Care About Their Health with medical journalist Arnold Mann in 2015. He last published The Enzyme Advantage for Women, also with Arnold Mann. He also writes regular columns for American Chiropractor and contributes special articles to several trade publications such as Chiropractic Economics.





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