Mental health facilitator certification

Busy therapists face many demands these days. Clients want (and deserve) effective treatment for Mental health facilitator complex problems. Insurance companies ask us to provide short-term treatment and demonstrate “medical necessity.” Agencies want us to retain a high volume of cases with a high level of client satisfaction. In addition, we are expected to have knowledge of evidence-based treatment. Many therapists want to meet these challenges by updating their skills and obtaining advanced clinical training, but they need training that is flexible and focused on clinical practice. The Cleveland Centre for Cognitive Therapy offers a variety of continuing education programs designed to meet the needs of today’s practitioner. These range from short workshops and seminars to a ten-month intensive training program in cognitive therapy.


Intensive training in CBT That

You can complete on your own schedule

Through distance learning from October 2022


Clinical Practice in Cognitive Therapy is an intensive training program designed to meet the needs of practicing professionals in psychiatry, psychology, social work, and counselling. It consists of a series of four seminars totalling 69.5 contact hours, which are offered over a period of ten months. Just like a podcast, you can listen to the audio at your convenience. Unlike a podcast, audio is integrated with readings, online video and resources, experiential exercises, and an online discussion forum to provide in-depth training in CBT. You can complete the program on your own schedule and take more than 10 months if you wish.


Your board can accept this program without additional paperwork because we are APA, NASW, NBCC and NAADAC approved.




The Cleveland Centre for Cognitive Therapy presents workshops sponsored by various organizations at the local, regional and national levels. Previous programs have included general workshops on cognitive therapy as well as workshops on more specific topics such as the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, self-harm, marital dysfunction, nonadherence, and medical applications of cognitive therapy. Sponsors include national and international organizations including the Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies, New England Educational Institute, Mayo Clinic, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and Backlink Bad Durkheim (Germany). Regional organizations that have sponsored programs include University Hospitals of Cleveland, Cleveland Clinic, West Side Community Mental Health facilitator Centre, Ohio Department of Mental Health, South Shore Counselling Group (Clymer, NY), Brecksville VA Medical Centre (Brecksville, OH), Highland Drive VA Medical Centre (Pittsburgh, PA) and North-eastern Ohio University College of

Medicine. We will be happy to develop a program tailored to the needs of your group or organization.


More training


Our staff can design continuing education programs tailored to the needs of a specific organization. The programs we have presented range from brief didactic presentations to extended training programs that include experiential exercises, case consultations and planned follow-up. Topics included principles of short-term counselling, cognitive therapy for depression, outpatient substance abuse treatment, and addressing borderline personality disorder. Groups for which we provided additional training included community mental health facilitator centres, hospital psychiatric wards, alcohol treatment programs, and private practice.


Consultation in cognitive therapy


We offer individual and group consultations for mental health specialists. Consultation can be scheduled for one session at a time or on a weekly or monthly basis. Consultation sessions can be general case consultations or focus on specific topics or issues of interest to you. We also offer a “second opinion” consultation where we will evaluate and provide a treatment recommendation for a client that you will continue to treat.


Tailor-made distance education


If your organization wishes to offer distance learning programs via the Internet, intranet, or video conferencing, we can develop such programs for you or provide consultation on the design and implementation of such programs.


Additional educational opportunities


We can also offer:


  • Tailor-made programs tailored to the needs of your organization.


  • In-depth training programs that provide more extensive training than is possible in a one- or two-day workshop.


  • Extended consultations or supervision (in person or via the Internet) after training programs.


  • Educational Design Consulting.


  • Written, audio-visual, or Internet-based educational materials for your organization’s use.




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