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Now more than ever, the importance of our mental health professionals is in the spotlight as the overall appreciation of the incredibly difficult work they do to keep our community healthy and safe has come to the forefront of all conversations.


It’s important to recognize the demands on the medical and healthcare industry in general, so it’s fantastic to see local initiatives like the Socks4Docs initiative run by the incredible team at Gold Coast health.


We had the chance to catch up with one of the team at this year’s event to find out how it all started and how they are trying to break down the stigma surrounding mental health in their industry.


Tell us about the Socks4Docs initiative. . .


Socks4Docs Day, now in its fourth year, was founded by Dr Geoff Toogood after his own struggle with mental illness. The crazy sock’s theme came from a conversation between two people who knew Dr. Toogood’s mental health history and were concerned when he came to work wearing strange socks.


There was talk behind his back that he was spiralling again; but he was actually fine and his socks (except for the last two odd socks) were eaten by his new puppy.


Instead of starting a conversation to check if she was okay, instead he heard whispering…


He started #CrazySocks4Docs Day as an attempt to address the stigma of mental health and ensure that the health professional is not okay.


What is the main goal of the Socks4Docs initiative?


Socks4Docs Day uses colourful socks as a conversation starter to raise awareness of mental health issues among healthcare workers, with the aim of changing workplace culture and encouraging healthcare workers to look out for each other and take care of themselves.


What is included in the initiative?


Gold Coast Health Employee Health and Wellbeing Program Occupational Health and Safety | Team Health hosts an annual event to support the Socks4Docs message. COVID-19 has changed the way this year’s event can be held, so individual Socks4Docs packages will be delivered to 100 work areas where employees can host their own mini event while maintaining social distancing.


The packs include promotional material, pairs of crazy socks, exercise bands and mental health resources, and staff are encouraged to put on their loudest and brightest socks, decorate their spaces and host a morning tea where they will announce each other and talk about mental health. health.


Your hospital organizes this initiative every year, do you feel that the awareness grows every year?


Every year, employees look forward to wearing their crazy socks and spreading the message of wellness, and this year is even more important. Our healthcare workers are currently going through unprecedented times, so looking after their mental health is vital.




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