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Chapter 268: What Did You Think?

“No matter who you’re , once you come to my Tick City, you will not leave easily.

“Mighty God, you’re the king. you simply know the sky from the well. what proportion do you know about the power of this world?”

“I know what I’m doing, do you?!”

“Today I… I, Cherry Sky, will teach you some manners!”

“Alright, I’ll see what skills you’ve got Cherry Sky!”

Li Yi was worried and casually said a random name. How could he know that this name would become even more famous than his own reputation within the future.

Of course, that was beat the future.

Now this was Cherry Sky’s first battle.

The specialty of the shadow units wasn’t their own fighting power, but a series of killing moves that were coordinated with one another .

They surrounded Li Yi and formed eight trigram positions altogether directions, then continuously cast spells. They even attacked from ten different directions.

Faced with attacks from various angles, even Li Yi couldn’t dodge in time.

He dodged half them and refueled the other.

His defensive value began to decline. He figured it might n’t be long before it would be empty. At that point , he would need to rely on his vital HP to take the load.

This was something that Li Yi was still very worried about. Because if his HP were to drop, so would his stamina value.

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He wasn’t scared of his HP. After all, he had enough stamina. He could just let it go as he wanted,.

It also had great restoration value. What was he to be afraid of?

However, it had been different when his stamina value dropped. If his stamina value dropped, he would take double damage.

He might even die!

Wasn’t that exactly how he was knocked out when he faced Snow Flower?

Of course, the matter of draining Li Yi’s stamina value and being knocked out was no easier than draining his HP.

Even Snow Flower wouldn’t are able to do it if it weren’t for her life-threatening attack.

What Li Yi was most worried about now was that his identity would be revealed.

Of course, his worries were completely unnecessary. This was because these players only knew Li Yi’s previous skills. They knew nothing of his talent

As long as Li Yi didn’t use the standard skills from before, it might be very difficult for them to detect his identity

Perhaps only Misty World and Breezy Lake could see through this disguise. in fact it was limited to just the two of them.

After the series of attacks, Li Yi was still not tired, but the shadow troops were already exhausted.

“Damn, why is that person so strong? i can not beat him at all.”

Li Yi’s defense was actually almost dead. However, they were watching Li Yi’s health bar.

It looked unharmed.

His defense value wasn’t even completely gone, so it had been impossible for his HP to drop.

Of course, if they knew that they hadn’t even managed to hit his HP after fighting for therefore long, they could have been even more devastated. Right now, they only thought that this person’s recovery ability was sky high.

The mighty God couldn’t take it anymore and roared angrily.

Don’t waste time, do something!”

Hearing this, the shadow troops immediately changed their forms and gathered.

They activated their skills. These skills appeared to have something in common.

Li Yi recognized it initially sight.

This was the effect of elemental research. Countless elements mixed together and transformed into a strong energy wave that rushed towards Li Yi.

In a moment of desperation, Li Yi activated invincibility. Underneath the multi-colored skills, nobody noticed the skills that Li Yi had unleashed. When the last word skill ended, Li Yi was already safe and sound.

“That’s all you got?”

Li Yi’s taunt thoroughly angered the Mighty God.

He raised his ax high and slashed furiously, activating gravity. That was his strongest skill. The skill itself had a critical hit and therefore the ax could deal double damage.

The damage was very spectacular.

Li Yi had no choice but to require it head on.

“-51,200! Critical Hit!”




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