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Dry dog ​​food

Finally, there’s a kibble that humans and puppies can’t find a reason to argue about! (Petland health extension)Dogs love Health Extension dry dog ​​food because it’s high in fresh animal protein in every delicious bite. While pet parents will appreciate that these holistic formulas are made with natural, whole food ingredients like leafy greens, antioxidant-rich berries and pure coconut oil for healthy skin and a shiny coat.

  • Biscuits and crunchy treats for dogs
  • Health Extension adds a grain-free buffalo treat

Independent pet retailers are offering their canine customers a new grain-free treat option: Health Extension Crunchy Heart Shaped Treats with Buffalo.

Health Extension Unveils 4 New Canned Recipes for Dogs

Health Extension Pet Care, a holistic pet food company, recently launched a super-premium collection of grain-free canned foods and is now excited to expand the line with four more uniquely delicious starters. Dog foodies of all ages and breeds.

Bowel control

There was a time when dog owners assumed their dog just had gas and left it at that. However, manufacturers and sellers report that dog owners are paying much more attention to their dogs’ digestion these days

Extending health expands the sales force

To support its growth, Health Extension Pet Care in Deer Park, NY has hired Tim Seibold as the company’s southwest territory sales manager.

Health Extension appoints new sales manager

Health Extension Pet Care has welcomed Tim Seibold as the company’s southwest territory sales manager. The new appointment will help support Health Extension’s recent growth. Seibold previously worked for 15 years in human food sales with US Foods and pre…

Health Extension Appoints Business Development Manager

Health Extension Pet Care has hired Jamie Laton for its newly created position of business development manager. Laton joined Health Extension in 2010 and held several internal support positions before joining the sales department as a key account manager.

Health Extension Implements the MAPP TRAP system

Health Extension has strengthened its commitment to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) policy, which has been in place for a year, by implementing MAPP TRAP, an online price tracking and enforcement software system. “By adding this new layer of digital

Wild about meat

Exotic or novel proteins are becoming more popular than ever as pet owners look for variety and nutritional benefits


Teaching your dog good behavior requires patience, persistence and lots of love. Luckily, these safe and effective training aids are here to help! Of course, there are occasional accidents during training – that’s just part of a dog’s life. That’s why Health Extension also offers two all-natural, proven stain and odor cleaners.

Dog spa care

Most pets appreciate the spa experience as much as people do. Sometimes they just want to get away from it all and relax! Regular bathing is also important to help soothe itchy skin and promote a healthy, odor-free dog coat. So, it’s good to know that Health Extension offers a variety of ways to clean, condition and pamper your pet.

Dog treats

Your dog deserves the best of everything. That’s why we spent so much quality time creating these exceptionally healthy, highly digestible treats! While they each have their own merits, what they all have in common are all the ingredients we left out. We have refused to use anything that could endanger your pet’s health, such as fillers, by-products or rendered animal fats. We also avoided artificial preservatives, colours or flavours of any kind.





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