Philosophical health check

Jeremy Stan groom defines the Philosophical Health Check as “a test designed to identify tensions or contradictions between various beliefs held by a person”. (Stan groom, 2015) He further advises that checking does not “aim to identify which beliefs are true or false”, but checking tries to find out “which sets of beliefs may not be compatible with each other”. (Stan groom, 2015) After taking the Philosophical Tension Check, I found that 37% of people, myself included, share a tension in our belief that there are absolute truths. Although there is a tension in my beliefs, I don’t feel that they are really in conflict.


While agreeing with “There are no objective truths about factual matters; ‘truth’ is…show more content…

If we are to assume that history books are non-fiction, based on either the individual’s own experience or the experience of society, then these assumptions fit effortlessly into my prior belief. Robert

Evans, a much wiser man than I, once said, “There are three sides to every story – yours, mine and the truth.” Because the events documented in history books are written based on the experiences of individuals or societies, it is hard to argue that their experiences are not their own truths. Those who feel that the Holocaust did not happen are actually saying that individuals who experienced the Holocaust first-hand are…show more content…


I seem to remember one day my brother and I were playing baseball in our backyard with friends. During the game, my brother and one of our neighbourhood friends got into a fist fight. When we finally broke them up and asked why they were fighting, my brother claimed that our friend bumped into him on purpose, while our neighbour’s friend claimed that my brother bumped into him on purpose.

Since I was a bystander at the attack, I was able to watch the event from the side-lines. Neither bumped into the other on purpose. In fact, both were so focused on fielding the ground ball that they didn’t see each other. However, regardless of what anyone said, they were both convinced that their version of the story was correct. I think it was around this time that I established my own truth.





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