Presence health PeopleSoft

Presence health PeopleSoft

Every business organization faces the same challenge, grow your business or become obsolete. This is especially true in highly competitive industries. Simplifying how your organization handles critical day-to-day business tasks with the right digital tools, such as PeopleSoft Enterprise Resource Planning software, is a proven way to increase growth. This solution can help you increase profits, reduce time to market, increase productivity and turn customer satisfaction into brand loyalty.


Why PeopleSoft? Because PeopleSoft harnesses the power of digital technology to transform operations and deliver near-instant ROI. For example, many users see 30-70 percent savings in data centre costs by reducing or even eliminating most of these overhead costs. Digital transformation with PeopleSoft is a leading growth strategy among businesses today. In fact, a 2018 Tech Pro Research survey shows that 70% of survey respondents said their companies either have a digital transformation strategy in place or are actively working on one.


What is PeopleSoft ERP?


PeopleSoft ERP enables what many call a real-time business model. An on-premise solution that you can host in any cloud, PeopleSoft is an integrated set of business applications—CRM, HR, project administration, and more—that help you with the day-to-day execution and operations of your business processes. Built on a client/server architecture, this solution allows you to connect directly to business processes, eliminating internal and external intermediaries, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


This latest release provides everything you need to integrate this functional toolset into all aspects of your business. You can use it to manage HR tasks, build customer relationships, and make narrative reporting easier. Plus, you can customize it to update on your schedule.


So, what is PeopleSoft ERP? It is a product line of applications designed for today’s businesses. Part of the Oracle software family, PeopleSoft is a complete software solution offering unique tools and applications for general business use, including materials management, payroll and communications. Ideal for medium to large corporations, this workforce management solution offers a full suite of applications that you can use to manage, plan and track operations.


What does PeopleSoft do?


PeopleSoft provides all the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage your most important business tasks. PeopleSoft’s user-friendly system allows you to choose the tools you think you’ll need and reject the rest. What’s more, PeopleSoft stores data in the cloud. This means you never have to worry about losing track of essential tasks or sensitive information. This solution even allows you to transfer data within your business, manage reports and build relationships with customers.


For example, PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM) allows you to perform HR tasks such as managing team members, approving promotions, editing employee personal information, and viewing payslips. It also allows you to analyse employee and organizational data using analytics software.


PeopleSoft HCM is highly customizable. You can adapt it to almost any industry or situation. More importantly, its broad application portfolio includes industry-specific features and provides unprecedented flexibility to optimize business operations and competitiveness.


With PeopleSoft’s, you can track, supervise, and manage tasks for your entire workforce, from employees, managers, contingent workers, to student workers, contractors, and faculty. Plus, you can use PeopleSoft to create clusters in the cloud, use your data in applications, and move migration development and testing to the cloud.


What does PeopleSoft ERP offer you?


Thousands of organizations around the world use  for their business. Oracle’s website says more than 30,000 use it. not only streamlines, monitors and tracks business processes. It also organizes information about employees, departments, tasks, and employee benefits.  is well-suited for human resource management (HCM) and enterprise resource management (ERP) needs and has a strong presence in many industries, including healthcare, public sector, education, research, and professional and financial services.


Below are some of the important business applications that  includes. These applications can help you gain a significant competitive advantage.


PeopleSoft Selection Adoption 9.2 — Worried about updates? This app allows you to choose not only which updates you want, but also when to apply them. Updates occur approximately every ten weeks. The app also allows you to keep your primary strategic customizations within your parameters.


PeopleSoft Application Engine – This application allows you to create, test, and use online batch programs that require high-volume background processing. Like a COBOL application, the engine provides more efficient updates than COBOL, thanks to a database containing all the information you need to update.


PeopleSoft Deployment Framework – This tool allows you to transfer data to virtual systems in the Oracle Cloud and migrate data from PeopleSoft Development and Testing to the cloud.


People Tools — This software defines PeopleSoft. A robust application development tool lets you customize  objects to meet your business needs. People Tools is also robust enough to create a “screw-in” application to integrate with  Business Objects.


PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud – This application allows you to download PeopleSoft products through the cloud. You can also use this application to launch other  applications from one place, including PeopleSoft HCM and other tools you use every day.




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