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Rick on the Rocks

Rick on the Rocks “is online lifestyle blog from Florida father’s perspective. Florida dad focused on travel, recreation, restaurants and family life. Florida dad is a husband and father of two children. with a master’s degree in history like to do and encourage them to try new things.

Dad blogger lifestyle travel blog are all about travel and life in general. This type of blog is focused on the guy who is trying to live a more fulfill life, weather it is through travel personal development, or just about anything else(Rick on the Rocks ).

“Dad Blogger Lifestyle is a blog that is focused on general lifestyle coverage about anything dad related. It features a wide variety of topics, and anything from dad blogs to lifestyle blogs”.

This is a blog for all of those who are looking for a list of the best blogs(Rick on the Rocks )for dads who are looking for a list of the best blogs for dads.

Below are some dad blogger lifestyle sites:

  1. fatherly.com

Fatherly is one of the best dad blogs on the web, and if you haven’t heard of it, you probably haven’t looking. In fact, fatherly has over 13 million monthly readers and is a part of a digital empire that includes everything from gear, health, finance and entertainment.

  1. skindad.co.uk

Skint dad is a website by a guy who knows what its like to work hard to keep up with his family and still find ways to save more money. A few of the best features are;

Skint dad is one of the top websites for budgeting and money tips for dads. You might be wondering where you can find the best deals for baby and kid items as well as Father’s Day gifts. You can find out on skint Dad, where you will find the best deals for items such as baby carries, strollers, high chairs, and more!

  1. thebrag.com/dad/

The brag dad is a personal blog that offers unique content for Australian fathers. It provides a wide range of information from parenting hacks to helpful advice and relatable vlogs. The blog civers a wide range of topics and is written in a way that is easily accessible.

The brag dad is a website designed for dads and those who love them.  It is full of advice, hacks and a voice of reason. It is a blog that dedicated to  the lives of dads, their families and their pursuits.  The site is also designed to make it easy for you to contribute your own content.

  1. lunchboxdad.com

Lunchboxdad is a blog that focused on packing your kids’ lunches. Its also a site that’s growing every day. Beau coffron is the founder of lunchbox dad and he’s been writing and creating content for it since 2014. This blog is one that’s been in the making for years. The blog is the result of a lot of trial and error, and it’s the result of countless  hours of research and testing.

  1. thediaries.com

The Daddy Style Diaries is a lifestyle blog for the modern dad. The Daddy style Diaries is about two guys who love to enjoy life and are always trying to figure out the next best way to make it happen. The site is about the lifestyle,  fashion and gear that enjoy and find most interesting. The site tagline is: “life is too short to follow the rules”.

The Daddy style Diaries are a feature where Dad blogger share their style stories and fashion tips. The daddy style Diaries are an opportunity for dad blogger to shre their personal style, fashion and  style related tips.

  1. allpro.com

The community at All Pro dad is one of the best dad blogs you can find online. Whether you are trying to bond with your children or just want to talk about your day, the community is always open to someone. You will find other dads just like you who are looking for ways to be better parents.

  1. fathercraft.com

Father craft is a blog dedicated to helping fathers live their best lives. They offer tips, tricks and resources to help improve your life as a father.

Father craft was founded on the idea that father can be anything they want to be, which is why they provide tools and resources to help dads become better versions of themselves. What they do is provide reviews of different product and offer recommendations for father who are looking for new product to try.

  1. The-father-hood.com

The father Hood is a social networking platform created by Australian dads who want to connect with other dads.

The father Hood is a lifestyle blog that’s dedicated to dads. It’s a place to share stories, recipes, and item that related to the fatherhood journey. You can find everything from advice on how to raise your kids to how to get the most out of life.

  1. www.dad.info

Dad info is a UK based site with many helpful parenting articles, advice and expertise. Dad info is a website for dads looking for answers to  their parenting questions. The site is updated weekly with the latest articles on topics like how to tell If your child is autistic, how get your child to sleep, and how to make your child a better eater.

Dad info has been coined for men who have recently become parents. For many dads, the transition to parenthood is never easy. The site was founded by a group negative advice they were getting  from friends, family and even strangers.

10 . designerdaddy.com

Designer Daddy is a blog(Rick on the Rocks )about parenting life and style. Brent is a gay dad who is also a designer and illustrator. who is able to bring a personal perspective to his writing. There is a simplicity and honesty to the blog that is relatable. which is the opposite of what most blogger offer. There is a genuine affection that comes through when reading his posts, which is what keeps people coming back.

Designer Daddy is an online blog that is as fun, honest and charming as its author. While brent has a full-time day job in graphic design, he also runs a blog. an Instagram account and a Pinterest board.

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