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Springboard Enterprises Announces Health Innovation Centre 2021: Digital Health Cohort

WASHINGTON Celebrating more than 20 years of supporting women-led companies and industry transformation, Springboard Enterprises has announced its 2021 Health Innovation Hub: Digital Health Cohort. Ten female-led digital health companies will participate in the program, which will include an intensive bootcamp, a series of workshops, and ultimately connect each entrepreneur with a team of relevant strategic advisors as they move through the next stage of growth.

The women in this cohort are part of a digital health revolution that is driving innovation in patient-cantered care and will ultimately contribute to a higher standard of health for people around the world.

For two decades, Springboard Enterprises has accelerated the growth of entrepreneurial companies founded and led by women. “The women in this cohort are part of a digital health revolution that is driving innovation in patient-centred care and will ultimately contribute to a higher standard of health for people around the world,” said Springboard Enterprises CEO Natalie Buford-Young.

Springboard’s Health Innovation Hub: Digital Health is a program for women-led digital health companies seeking growth funding and connections with experts and strategic partners for product development and expansion. Selected companies are connected with a personal advisory team whose task is to ensure a meaningful impact on the next phase of the company’s growth. The program, while virtual, engages advisors and investors in various face-to-face pitch sessions throughout the year and beyond.

Participants of the 2021 cohort

Aila Health uses advanced analytics to empower healthcare providers and patients to make data-driven health decisions.

Athelo Health is a digital coach for cancer patients that provides biometric behavioral interventions to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Frame Fertility is a digital fertility advisor that enables early detection of underlying conditions and provides personalized coaching to help individuals and families achieve their goals and improve overall health.

Neurogenesis increases memory retention during sleep using a consumer EEG sleep headband and a proprietary algorithm that enhances the brain’s natural memory consolidation process.


Partum Health supports growing families with a modern, technology-based approach to care beyond OB. Rosy creates solutions to help women on their journey to sexual health.


Skin Telligent develops AI dermatology solutions for skin analysis based on smartphone photos for a variety of healthcare and consumer skin care use cases.


Somme conveniently addresses sleep apnea with a Class II medical device. It turns spatial data into a market-leading health care strategy.


Cohort Observer, Simone Health is a digital therapy method combined with at-home lab testing to help plus-size people with PCOS get lasting symptom relief without dieting.

About Springboard Enterprises

Springboard’s mission is to accelerate the growth of women-led entrepreneurial companies through access to seed resources and a global community of experts. We are a leading network of influencers, investors and innovators dedicated to building large scale women-led companies that are transforming the technology and life sciences industries. The measure of our success is results. Since 2000, 835 Springboard portfolio companies seeking investment and human capital for product development and expansion have generated over $35.1 billion in value. With 216 strategic acquisition exits and 22 IPOs, Springboard Entrepreneurs are transforming industries.




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