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Spherico leverages the experience of managed markets professionals and integrates that health expertise with the strength of our core agencies. It’s a seamless marriage of strategic insight and creative talent that gives our clients a significant competitive advantage.

We understand the complexities of the world of regulated markets and how it evolves.  know that successful go-to-market marketing goes beyond conversations with large commercial payers to include communications with a number of other key audiences, such as organized providers.


We have purpose-built our team to deal with these complexities. Our market access content experts have spent their careers in the managed markets. space and bring invaluable industry expertise to our creative executions. The rest of our agency team focuses on driven markets day in and day out – from our accounting team to our copywriters to our art directors – it’s what we do and who we are.

And while we’re proudly independent, we use Syneos Health technology, which means we and our clients benefit from added value and access options when they’re needed.

All of this is designed to give our clients a clear view of what’s happening in market access now – and what’s on the horizon – so they can build brand equity in a rapidly changing world.



  • Development of value propositions
  • FDAMA 114 HCEI Reports
  • Strategic launch planning
  • Branding of managed markets
  • Research and analytics
  • Non-brand leadership initiatives
  • Training initiatives
  • Value Access Decision Models
  • Access and Reimbursement Programs
  • Unbranded and branded campaigns
  • Your solution for the promotional field

Whether you are an emerging biopharmaceutical company launching its first product or a large established biopharmaceutical company preparing to launch its latest entry into a new or competitive market, Syneos Health Selling Solutions is your promotional field team solution provider. We have industry-leading, scalable capabilities to recruit, train, target, deploy and support successful sales teams to achieve your business goals.

The performance of our sales teams delivers consistent results

As the largest provider of outsourced sales teams and sales solutions to the healthcare industry, we have well-established, flexible processes and infrastructure to effectively build, scale, deploy, execute and sustain high-performing field sales teams.

This proven flexible framework, combined with our experience, daily commitment and relentless energy, has achieved and exceeded results for our customer partners. The performance of our sales representatives consistently matches or exceeds the performance of our customer organizations.

Selling Solutions has a long track record of promoting prescription, over-the-counter, diagnostic, medical and animal health products to healthcare professionals in nearly all therapeutic areas.

Why outsource your sales team from us?

A smaller emerging biopharmaceutical company developing its first drug may not yet have sufficient infrastructure in place (eg, sales team, sales operations) necessary to thoroughly and successfully commercialize its products.

These types of companies may seek to minimize fixed costs and risks as they enter the market for their first brand. Even a large, established biopharmaceutical company anticipating a new product launch in an unknown therapeutic area may be hesitant about the costs and resources required and risks involved in hiring its own new sales force in an unknown therapeutic category. Syneos Health Selling Solutions can help with this.

Outsourcing the sales team significantly reduces the direct and indirect costs of biopharmaceutical companies. In addition, engaging Syneos Health Selling Solutions to provide a sales force offers our customer partners an increased level of flexibility, scalability and adaptability.

Hiring a new sales force directly can be challenging for many factors: changes in brand or product line strategy, changes in market dynamics or product life cycle, changes in competitive activity, or recent FDA decisions.





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