The Pros and Cons of Discipleship

No one can deny the fact that school time is the best phase of anyone’s life. This is a great time to learn new things, make new friends, learn new things and most importantly put the foundation of your career first. Since they do not have many family responsibilities so they can enjoy the wonderful world of their dreams and explore their lives.

Often, we see the significance of this phase as we enter adulthood and this wonderful life is left behind. If we remember we can count the infinite numbers of student benefits and when asked about the disadvantages of being a student we can calculate little by little. Student life teaches us many things that are beneficial to the student’s future and that benefit him or her in his or her own life.

Students these days enjoy the benefits of LMS and because they use online learning a lot these days. Students can choose any educational app to make their learning as easy as the teacher program. The teacher app keeps students’ course informed and makes learning easier for them. With such institutions students enjoy the benefits of LMS. Although the student’s life of full gray patterns is still very interesting to discuss the pros and cons of being a student so let’s have an interesting discussion about it:

Students can understand the feeling that schooling can be more enjoyable through the combined efforts of teachers, parents and peer groups. It is a time when students can have good classroom experiences and fun. Talking to a peer group, listening to humorous stories told by a pastor, having fun and eating delicious snacks while doing homework with the help of parents, all these interesting things make learning and learning fun and one can feel blessed as a student.

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This is the time in a person’s life when he makes new friends and sometimes the friendships formed during this time take years. In this student life the student becomes friends with the opposite sex and culture and gets to know these things and develops emotional respect for those things and gains understanding to form healthy relationships as well. When students study with their friends having fun and smiling in the live classroom this creates a positive atmosphere in the classroom where the children enjoy reading.

In a student’s life the student discovers new things every day and discovers many new things that enhance the learner’s knowledge and experience. Over the years students explore the world, understanding the behavior and characteristics of individuals. Having a theory about life in books, students begin to explore the real world and understand the workings of life. Also, during school life, the student learns the benefits and importance of punctuality, discipline, hard work, learning, knowledge and the importance of personality and friendship. This is a time when one learns the importance of giving and taking respect.

It does not matter if parents, teachers, peers or sometimes strangers also; the student can learn from anyone. Scholars say that a true student should be ready to learn from anyone, anytime, anywhere. Students can learn many good things during school time such as time management, communication, critical thinking and personality management because students also learn other good qualities such as sharing and caring for and helping people in need and such great lessons learned in student life bring. respect and love in the community.

Student life that makes you meet real, where you can understand who you are and what you would like to be in the future. When a person passes school, learns things that will help in his professional life and work as a professional and then we remember that what we are doing right now is the result of a solid foundation based on student life with help information and knowledge.

Students are often assigned tasks such as assignments and projects at school, to complete as a group of 3-4 students and as a student. Such projects are offered to students on a regular basis because students learn to work as a team and this course seems to be very effective in their professional life. Team building activities teach students a lot of good things about how to be productive working together as a team.

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