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2021 Blue Cross and Blue Shield Service Benefit Plan – Standard and Basic Option


Section 5. Benefits

Section 5(h). Wellness and other special features

Blue Health Rating

The Blues Health Assessment (BHA) questionnaire may be a simple and engaging online health assessment program that can be completed in 10-15 minutes. Your answers to the BHA are evaluated to make a unique health action plan. supported your BHA results, you’ll choose personalized goals, receive supportive advice and simply track your progress through our Online Health Coach.

When you complete your BHA, you’re eligible for a $50 medical bill to be used for most qualified medical expenses. For those with Self Plus One or Self and Family insurance, both the policyholder and spouse are entitled to a $50 doctor’s bill. we’ll send each eligible member a debit card to access their account.

Keep your card for future use whether or not you use all the dollars in your health account; you may be eligible for wellness incentives in subsequent benefit years. We don’t send new cards to continuing participants until the card expires. If you allow the Service Benefit Plan, any money remaining in your account are going to be forfeited.

In addition to the $50 Health Account, you’re eligible to receive a maximum of $120 in additional credit to your Health Account for achieving up to three personalized goals. After completing the BHA, you’ll access the Online Health Coach and set personalized goals designed to improve your blues health through increased exercise, healthier eating habits, weight management, stress reduction, better emotional health, or goals that specialise in managing a specific condition.

We’ll add $40 to your health account for every goal you reach, up to a maximum of three goals per annum. By completing a BHA and up to 3 health goals, you’ll earn up to $170 in health account dollars. To earn these incentives, you want to complete the BHA and your chosen goals during the calendar year.

Health Account Dollars are only available once you meet goals related to exercise, nutrition, weight management, stress, emotional health, heart condition, coronary failure, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and asthma and are limited to a maximum of three fulfilled. goals for the civil year


To receive your incentives, you want to complete all eligible activities by December 31, 2021. Please allow enough time to finish all activities by this date.

Visit our website at www.fepblue.org for more information and to finish the BHA to receive your individualized results and start working towards your goals. you’ll also request a printed BHA by calling toll free at 888-258-3432.




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